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Default In Store Credit
When making purchases if you read the store refund policy and they only offer in store credit for the refund, does that make you uncomfortable?
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Keep answering wrong and you
won't live to eat another bagel, OK?
Have you every messed around
with a female corpse?
You see,
that's what we heard.
And Mr. Daschajew is concerned
you're supposed to
be embalming his daughter.
Did you touch her?
You pervert.
The Confessions of Oskar Boroschnin.
Well, well.
I want to know what Leo's planning.
What did you say,
I can't understand you.
What? I can't understand you.
Keep it.
What's this?
A bagel, a Turkish bagel.
OO years ago King Ladislaus
defeated the Turks outside Vienna.
To show his gratitude a Jewish baker
invented a roll...
in the shape of a stirrup...
and called it a bagel.
Is this a stirrup?
I always say:
Hunger's the best sauce.
Alright, what about Leo?
Tell me about Leo?
- I don't know anything.
I swear,
and and...
And and what?
My sock's burning.
What's he talking about?
Say what?
Did you have plans with the stove?
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